It's almost time for a new crop at the Great Plains College, as students return for another year of growth and learning. 

Swift Current's premier high education centre has already begun welcoming some students back to class, with the majority set to begin the year on September 5. 

Larry Kielo, the manager of programs at the Swift Current Campus for Great Plains College, is filled with energy as he and other faculty get ready to embrace another year of growth with their students. 

Larry Kielo, who has been eagerly awaiting the beginning of the school year.Larry Kielo, who has been eagerly awaiting the beginning of the school year.

"Explore things that interest you," encouraged Kielo. "Be curious, ask questions, seek advice, be able to see other people's perspectives to enhance your own and get involved. That allows each student to find out truly who they are and where they want to go."

As with every year, students returning will be looking to not only engross themselves in their studies but also looking to become part of the student body in other ways. 

One of the most popular things every year is the student council. Being that the majority of students are only in courses for two years, the council sees a regular rate of turnover. This grants plenty of students the chance to become members, taking leadership roles within the campus. 

"It's a really unique opportunity to encourage some of our students, whether they're here for a one year or whether they're here for two years or anything in the middle, to be part of the student council," said Kielo. "They can be part of an organization where they can plan activities for their peers, develop some connections with fellow students and create even more momentum for this year."

Over the last year and a half, Great Plains College has made a shift to encourage more of a student-centric experience. Drawing in more input from students, planning more events, and making sure their experience in school is one that creates lasting impressions. 

"Going to school is more than just being in the classroom," said Kielo. "We're really trying to enhance the small class size, with getting to know your teacher and getting to know your fellow students."

Next week, they are hosting a welcome week for students to help them integrate. Those attending classes are encouraged to partake in the events planned and to dive head first into the Great Plains College experience. 

"I'm just excited," said Kielo. "You finish off the school year, and everyone's tired, and you're ready to kind of look ahead to the planning piece. Then as the fall evolves, you're dang excited to see students walk back into the building with the excitement that they have and the desires that they have to pursue their career paths."


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