There are few places better to fundraise for a vehicle than at a car show. 

The people at the show understand how important they are for daily life, how much freedom they grant the user, and just how much fun they can be. That's why the Silver Wings Access Van Inc. (SWAVI) was so successful during the month of August at Taillight Tuesday, the weekly car show at the Living Sky Casino. 

The van they are fundraising for is a Dodge 3500, that will be customized to accommodate four wheelchairs and five regular seatings. The van will be exclusively for residents at The Meadows, enabling them to go to appointments, attend events, and enjoy the freedom of travelling to and from again. 

For Tom Stroud, a resident from The Meadows, the support they have garnered during the car shows has been phenomenal. 

Tom Stroud, a volunteer with SWAVI, and a resident at The Meadows. Tom Stroud, a volunteer with SWAVI, and a resident at The Meadows. 

"I'd to thank everybody with the Rogue Cruisers," said Stroud. "Everybody that came out to support us, thank you very much."

Having partnered first with the host Rogue Cruisers back in July, they were granted another month with them after some inclement weather spoiled half of their outings.

Since reupping for August, SWAVI has managed to bring the total amount raised to $129,000. Considering they started coming to the car show with $114,000, that means they have cleared close to at least $15,000. 

"It's been a great month," said Stroud. "But we still need more."

Stroud, ever the encouraging presence, has spoken to friends at the car shows, pushing them to contribute. Many like him, who use mobility assistance devices like motorized scooters and chairs, would have a lot more freedom with the van. 

If they manage to raise the final $11,000 in time, they will be able to stay within their initial quote, saving any new fees that would come along with a later purchase. 

"Thank you so far, but please, please let us get that van," said Stroud. 

While the car community certainly pushed them to ever greater heights during Taillight Tuesday, they are encouraging anyone who wants to donate to head to their website. A few dollars more, and residents like Stroud at The Meadows will be able to attend events like Taillight Tuesday when they want, as they want. They may even decide to bring the van down for an evening to show it off at Taillight Tuesday if they receive it before the season ends. 


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