It’s been ten years since a local business planted its roots in the southwest, and they celebrated big this past weekend. 

Garden of Eden Greenhouse and Gifts invited folks to join them on Saturday for their milestone, with something fun for everyone. 

Sandra Wernicke, who owns the establishment with her husband Randy, said the support they felt over the weekend was amazing.  

“The turnout was more than I could have hoped for,” she said. “So many well wishes about our ten years. And so many new people came by, and the regular[s].” 

They opened their gates at 9 a.m., and the parking lot stayed overflowing until they closed up at 5 p.m. 

garden of eden 10 years

Diamond T Axe Throwing was on site for the day, along with a petting zoo courtesy of Hilltop Honey Farm. 

Food vendors 3K’s Kitchen, Shayna's Sweet Treats and Daisy's Donuts were lined up with a variety of snacks and treats. 

ice cream truck

gardenof eden ten years

Wernicke said that after ten years of operating in the area, this is what she loves the most.  

“My favorite part is when people come in and they tell you that this is their happy place, that they feel at peace here, that what we're doing means a lot to them, that they recognize the hard work that we put into everything,” she said. "And also seeing the progress of the growth of the plants from the time you start until they start blooming. But I would say mostly it's the people. The people that come in that you see start to see you on a yearly basis and you get to know them really well, and you actually become very close to them. They're not just customers, they become your friends and your family. That means more to us than anything else.”