This International Women's Day, local representation comes straight from the farm.

Boxhorn Farm is a small business that offers microgreens and shoots including arugula, sunflower shoots, amaranth, mustard, spice of life, edible flowers, and more.

Delina Langridge, owner of the business and fourth generation farmer, is passionate about her role as a woman in local business and the family she farms with.

"Growing up on my family's grain farm and working in the garden with my granny really started that interest for me," said Langridge. 

The products are freshly grown on her and her husband's farm which is located near Simmie area and just down the road from the farm grew up on. 

"We operate two-thousand-foot greenhouses, a state-of-the-art hydroponic farm, and a market garden," she said. 

Boxhorn Farm made waves at last year's Market Square and have also sold eggplants, cucumbers, bruschetta mix, pea shoots, and different types of tomatoes.

"The main benefit of what we offer from the farm is quality," explained Langridge. "Everything we bring to the farmers market has been harvested less than 24 hours before, so it doesn't get any fresher than that.

"With small, local farms specifically I think those types are a lot more conscious about their farming practices and are able to utilize tools that might not be practical for large farms, one example that we use is using our ducks that we raise as pest control in our greenhouse."

Only about 21 per cent of businesses in Sask. are majority-owned by women, while 25 per cent of farm operators in the province are women.

"It's important for women to be business owners and innovators because women are leaders in so many areas of their lives and I think those skills translate so well into business," she said. "I also think women are incredible at collaborating and collaboration is so essential to business."

Community members can find Boxhorn Farm Saturdays at Market Square this summer.