It's time to pull out those hazards taking up space at the back of the cabinet now that spring cleaning season is here.  

The City of Swift Current is once again holding their semi-annual Household Hazardous Waste Day to help folks safely get rid of all the old cleaners and chemicals collecting dust in the house.  

Keegan Story is the superintendent of Solid Waste and Diversion for the City and reminds everyone that they’ll be ready at the Innovation Plex once again on May 24 from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. 

“We typically hold two events per year with the intent to give residents an option to safely dispose of hazardous materials and keep them out of the wrong hands and keep them out of our landfill,” he said. “We’ll be set up at the southeast corner of the lower level of the Innovation Plex parking lot. There will be barricades and signs and vehicles will be directed in single file. We've got a handful of workers there that will unload the materials and sort them and then you’ll be on your way.” 

He added that while the crews on scene will take care of everything from unloading to organizing, it’s important that everything is labelled properly and transported safely.  

“Identification is certainly helpful,” Story said. “As much information as you can give us about the chemicals, the better.” 

The following hazardous waste products are accepted: 

  • Aerosols - hair spray, insect repellent, lubricant spray, furniture cleaner. 
  • Automotive - used engine oil, used engine oil filters, antifreeze, batteries, carburetor cleaners, oil fuel, windshield cleaner. 
  • Batteries - automotive, cellphone batteries, dry-cell, NiCad, lithium, alkali, lead-acid. 
  • Cleaners - oven cleaner, glass cleaner, spot remover, disinfectants, car wax. 
  • Corrosives - drain cleaner, engine degreaser, ammonia, battery acid, sulfuric acid. 
  • Fuels - gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lamp oil, oil/gas mixture. 
  • Fluorescent Light Bulbs - fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lights. 
  • Oxidizers - chlorine, bleach, pool chemicals, fertilizers, hydrogen peroxide, septic tank chemicals. 
  • Paint -also accepted at SARCAN year-round at no charge 
  • Poisons - herbicides, lawn and garden chemicals, rodent poison, insecticides. 
  • Propane Cylinders - barbeque cylinders, camp cylinders 
  • Pharmaceuticals - Unused and expired prescription drugs. Accepted by most local pharmacies year-round.  
  • Solvent - paint thinner, acetone, varsol, alcohol, benzene, xylene, naphtha