This Saturday, it was time for the ladies to shine and ride while they celebrated International Female Ride Day. 

The day is recognized the world over as a chance for women to come together, ride together, and build community together under the umbrella of a shared interest in motorbikes. 

Locally in Swift Current, Jo Peat organized a ride for the worldwide event that met up at the K Motel. She and a few other riders turned up to celebrate women who ride motorcycles locally.

"This is the first time we've acknowledged International Female Ride Day in Swift Current," said Peat. "I invited some of the gals I know that ride and put it out there publicly. We're going to see who shows up today and we're just going to have a little ride together."

Being the first year, not too many riders ended up coming out. The local weather having been wet and rainy in the lead-up to the event may have also discouraged a few potential participants. 

Those who did show up were full of smiles and laughter, eager to celebrate their shared love of motorcycles. After having lunch at the Motel-K, they gathered together on their bikes and went on a cruise. 

"We already rode a few kilometres out here," said Peat. "Thankfully the sun's come out and it's a nice, lovely day."

Peat thinks that as more women get into riding motorcycles, it's important to foster a female-centric side of the community. These days, there is so much support for women in the industry, that the growth in the community has only gotten bigger and brighter for women. 

"There's getting to be so much more and better gear for women," noted Peat. "When I started riding 40-45 years ago, I couldn't even find decent boots to ride. I consider being a mentor for female motorcycle riders my responsibility because I've been so lucky and so happy doing it all my life."

If any women would like to reach out to Peat on Facebook, she is open to organizing more female-led cruises and rides locally. Fostering a female-oriented community for motorcycles in southwest Sask. will be a growing effort for Peat, with plans for more events and efforts to come.