The southwest has had a roller coaster ride of a winter season so far--and another shift in weather has arrived. 

A change in the wind direction today brings some warmer temperatures from the west, with highs for the next five days ranging from +3 to +6.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist Justin Shelley, some records could be broken yet again. 

"Typically, by the last week of January, those daytime highs are somewhere around -6 or -7," he said. "We're going to be seeing temperatures about 10 to possibly 15 degrees above normal for this time of year."

On January 27 back in 1921, the temperature was 9.4 C, a record that could potentially be surpassed this weekend. 

If Swift Current hits double digits in the positives next week, Tuesday might be the warmest January 30 on record, beating the previous 8.9 C reached in 1941. 

"Back in 2016, we had a stretch of six out of eight days reaching 4 degrees," added Shelley. "Which is probably where we're headed with this event as well. But if we do manage to crack 10 C by the end of the month, that would be the first time Swift Current has done so since 2002."

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