The Ladybug Tradeshow graced the Stockade Building on Saturday. 

The annual convergence of commerce saw over 100 vendors participating, and scores of people coming and going on Saturday. 

Organizing and operating the Ladybug Tradeshow were the Tradeshow Sisters, Kirby Leisle and Jen Collinson. Together, they are celebrating 15 years of running not only the Ladybug Tradeshow but a host of others as well. 

"Everyone knows about our shows and they like to come out to them," said Leisle. "We have a good variety of vendors, so we have a good reputation."

Goods were varied, ranging from jewelry and makeup to household decor, and even hot sauce and barbeque displays. Plenty of sales were made as Swift Current and surrounding area residents came into the show. Children could be seen begging for sweets, and even getting the occasional consent to them from their parents. 

A good amount of items were more spring-themed to fit the season, which seems to be a trend for this annual show. 

"We'll bring in any kind of seasonal stuff, but mostly people this time are selling their spring-type stuff," said Collinson. 

In order to ensure a strong mix of different vendors, there is a limit placed upon how many of any one kind can enter the tradeshow. The Tradeshow Sisters have a website through which people can register for any one of their upcoming shows, like the Ladybug Tradeshow in November, the popup shop in December, or any of their other venues.

Anyone who wants to keep up with their various operations, or check out their own wares, can follow them on Facebook to watch for more dates, announcements, or other posts.