Frequent visitors to Riverside Park have most likely noticed a new addition over the past week. 

A canoe and kayak launch has been completed in participation with the city and the Haunted Town of Lil-Sur-Mer who sponsored the project. 

Resident and co-founder of the haunted town, Andy Keys says they had planned on helping out with a city project. 

"So initially what we were going to do as we have all had kids in the Parks Play program so some of the money went to that program and this is an aside from the program. Krista said how would you like some of it to go towards this dock that we would like and it would speed up the building of the dock by a couple of years."

The Haunted Town of Lil-Sur-Mer is an annual event put on with 100% of the proceeds going back to local groups and community events. 

In regards to the funding available, Keys says anyone is welcome to apply.

"We decided to start it off as a community group where anybody could apply for whatever they wanted. They could apply for $500 or $1000 and the request is taken to their board meeting. We felt the community could come out and have fun while going through the haunted town and they can get something back in return. "

In addition, Keys adds that in the past six years that the haunted town has been operating they have raised and donated over $80,000 to various community groups/projects, charities, and non-profits including the SPCA, various cat and pet sanctuaries and the Salvation Army to name a few. 

Those interested in applying for funding from the haunted town can pick up an application form at AM Delivery.