A pack of cyclists from across the southwest are pedaling their way into the final day of the Great Cycle Challenge Canada.

Swift Current's Chris de Jong is one of the 17 local riders signed up under the Swift Current Chapter partaking in the August-long initiative raising funds to fight kids' cancer.

De Jong has seen firsthand the effects cancer can have on people with some family members and friends being diagnosed with a few being claimed by the disease. This year he's riding for one of his condo neighbours, Bob Hansen.

Upon discovering the annual fundraiser in 2019, he joined up and has raised over $11,000, with $1,459 of that coming this year. 

"I'm quite blessed with the generous donations from my friends and even people I know just as acquaintances, it's been great," he said. "The body has been a little bit tough at times with the heat that we've had and some of the winds and weather, but I've managed to make my goal.

"They [the donors] feel that this cancer for kids crusade is a worthwhile endeavor and they've chosen to donate to my cause."

The 72-year-old has generated 30 per cent of the fundraising for the Swift Current Chapter and is closing in on a 500-kilometre biking goal for the month. When he takes to the bike, de Jong normally registers rides around the marathon mark (42.1 kilometres).

"I use biking during the summer to stay in shape and this crusade came out, I thought that would be a good way to use my biking to raise some funds," he said.

Anyone interested in seeing de Jong's progress can click here.

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