Southwest Saskatchewan could experience sporadic thundershowers over the next 24 hours before scorching heat returns to the area. 

The shift in weather can be attributed to a low-pressure system, working its way from Alberta to Manitoba, explained Terri Lang, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. 

“It's kicking off some showers and thundershowers,” she stated. “Again, it's that hit-and-miss type of deal, so, if you get under a good thunderstorm, then you'll get some rain out of that. Those will probably continue through the day Thursday as this thing continues to swirl around, taking its time leaving.” 

She noted that it is difficult to predict rainfall totals with these types of weather systems. 

“It is a hit-and-miss thunder shower,” she elaborated. “So, we don't have a widespread amount that usually happens more with organized weather systems. With a hit-and-miss shower, it could be anywhere from the ground getting wet to 25 millimetres in a heavy thunderstorm.” 

Regarding the smoke, Lang attributed its presence to a number of different sources. 

“There's a lot of smoke coming from a lot of different places and just the way the weather pattern is, it's mixing it down to the surface,” she elaborated. 

She noted that while the smoke will briefly clear this afternoon, it will likely return with the low-pressure system moving through. 

“We should see a little bit of clearing this afternoon, but unfortunately, as this weather system moves through, the winds will kick back in from the northwest, and it'll probably bring the smoke back in and it'll be sticking around for a few days for sure,” she explained. 

She also warned residents to be prepared for another heat wave once the system has passed.