Chinook School Division ran an agriculture video contest from March 4 - May 3, in which students could work on a project and have the chance to win a field trip or Chromebook. 

Kindergarten to grade two students of Ponteix School were ecstatic to travel to the Garden of Eden Greenhouse and Gifts in Blumennort as a part of the contest.

Natasha Martens, a part-time Kindergarten teacher at Ponteix School, hopes to help the next generation understand agriculture as a key responsibility and in partnership with grade one and two teacher, Joanne Fournier.

"When a person asks kids where their foods comes from, they'll say; a grocery store," said Martens. "While this is true, kids need to learn more about the larger process behind how the food we eat gets to our plate and in turn, hopefully gain a greater appreciation for farmers, ranchers, and others involved in agriculture who help feed the world."

The students were able to plant a wide variety of vegetable seeds at the greenhouse that were later transported to the school and placed in planters for the kids to take home and experience eating something they planted. 

"I've seen the challenges that those in the ag industry face sometimes and I just saw this contest as a really great catalyst to help my students learn a bit more about what farmers do and why it's important," she said. 

Classes from Haven Colony School, Val Marie School, and Maple Creek Composite School won in the classroom category of the contest. 

Individual winners include Wymark students; Charlie Martens, June Martens, Gage Wolanski, Val Marie's Neko Proudlove, Ellie Binner from Stewart Valley, Central's Elise Chalmers, and Jhett Tuplin from Success.