The final Seed N Feed meal was dished up and delivered earlier this afternoon to a third and fourth-generation farm south of Climax.

Third-generation farmer Ron Glenn was the recipient of the meal made by K-Motel.

Lunchtime came at the perfect moment as heavy showers were passing through the area halting their seeding of green peas.

"We do durum, barley, green peas," he said. "We've had canola and triticale."

The recent moisture has been a welcomed sight to their crew, although, it's stalled seeding a feed time with them closing in on being halfway complete.

"It was really pulling like cement before," he said describing the soil. "Now it's a lot nicer and melo. The showers, it's nice to have them but if we could get them in the ground, then it could rain all it wanted."

Glenn has been farming for over 45 years with his family's original homestead being established over 110 years ago. His son Cody joined the operation as a fourth-generation family farmer once he completed college. 

The 'medium-sized' operation has expanded over the years with land in Frontier, Climax, and Bracken.