Students in the Chinook School Division will be able to test their agricultural mettle in a new contest.

Especially for those of farming backgrounds, many students are already interested in agriculture. In the classroom, this interest is being fostered by the new contest as a chance to raise awareness for not only farming practises, but to encourage a further pursuit of knowledge in the field. 

Kim Pridmore, board chair for the Chinook School Division, is excited to see what students will come up with. 

"Students have the opportunity to really dive into something that might be a little bit more important to them that maybe they don't get to spend as much time on in regular classroom time," said Pridmore. 

The contest has both Individual Student Entries and Classroom Entries. 

For Individual Student Entries, there are four age groups. K-2, 3-5, 6-9, and 10-12. They may enter under one of three categories; showcasing an example of technology and agriculture working together, highlighting a career in agriculture or celebrating someone you admire in the ag industry, and demonstrating how agriculture benefits our lives and/or the environment. 

As for Classroom Entries, they are open to K-3, 4-7, and Hutterian colony schools. Classrooms will work together on a video submission for a chance to win an agricultural field trip, while colony schools will submit a poster or mini booklet for a chance to win an agricultural project. 

"This is a way for kids to really be creative, take it, and run with something that's really special to them," said Pridmore. 

It's worth noting that Hutterian students are not competing against the regular student body. Their prize is being competed against the other Hutterian schools in a separate instance. 

The deadline for submissions will be April 29. The winners will be announced at the Chinook Board of Education meeting in May. 

This contest is sponsored by Corteva Agriscience, Full Line Ag, MNP, Nutrien, Rocky Mountain Equipment, Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association, Armstrong Implements, B&A Petroleum, the City of Swift Current, FMC, Nodge Manufacturing, Nufarm, Paterson Grain, Pioneer Co-op, Richardson Pioneer, Simplot Grower Solutions, South West Animal Health Centre, Stark & Marsh, South West Terminal, and the RM of Excelsior No.166.