The results are in for SGI’s March Traffic Safety Spotlight, which was centred around reminding residents that the real legal limit in Saskatchewan is lower than .08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC). 

The results determine that Saskatchewan police reported 450 impaired driving offences during the month of March. 

Manager of Media Relations for SGI, Tyler McMurchy, noted that while impaired driving was the spotlight for SGI in March, police are on the lookout for impaired driving at all times. 

“I would say police do a very, very good job catching impaired drivers,” he stated. “When we see 450 impaired driving offences, which includes 250 Criminal Court charges and another 200 suspensions for exceeding provincial limits, that tells you that the police are very focused on catching impaired drivers each and every month, and March was no exception.” 

During the spotlight, residents were reminded that exceeding provincial limits carries serious consequences. 

“Even if you don't get charged with an impaired driving Criminal Code offence, there are provincial limits,” McMurchy elaborated. “Experienced drivers are not allowed to drive with a BAC over .04. In fact, if you have a BAC of .04. to .08, you're looking at a three-day vehicle impoundment, a three-day license suspension and impaired driving education requirement and you're getting demerits as well.” 

There is zero tolerance for alcohol for novice drivers.  

He added that thanks to roadside tests and screening devices, officers are increasingly able to detect impaired driving. 

McMurchy also noted that it’s important to know that while there is a legal limit for experienced drivers when it comes to alcohol, there is zero tolerance for any driver under the influence of drugs. 

“Any amount of cannabis that's in your system, that will set off one of those roadside oral fluid testers to get you a three-day license suspension and a three-day vehicle impoundment as well as the demerits and education requirements,” he elaborated. “So, the message is pretty clear. Police have the tools, the training and the motivation to catch impaired drivers.” 

Other results from March include 509 tickets for seatbelt and occupant restraint offences, 4,709 tickets for speeding and aggressive driving offences, and 837 tickets issued for distracted driving, including 753 tickets for using a cellphone while driving.