The southside pickleball courts are set to undergo a facelift.

Work began on the six courts located inside Riverside Park today and is expected to last around 10-days depending on weather conditions.

City of Swift Current Parks Manager Michael Newell said the project was identified last year after they transitioned two tennis courts into pickleball courts.

"They'll take a power washer and wash down the whole surface so they have a brand new, clean surface to work on," he explained. "Then they come in and paint the whole surface. So the pickleball courts themselves will be red, and I believe the outside will either be blue or green so there will be a nice distinction with yellow lines."

One thing that won't change on the surface is the two tennis nets in the middle.

"They're a good backstop so that if you have all six courts going at the same time, balls that go out of play, don't roll onto another court," he said.

The project will cost the City around $20,000