Pioneer Co-op’s Fuel Good Day has come to pass, and the promotion raised a large sum to help the community when in crisis. 

Pioneer Co-op service stations developed this promotion with many forms of donation so that most customers could donate without hurting their wallets. One dollar per coffee and Big Cool slush and $0.10 per litre of fuel were donated to Southwest Crisis Services.

The non-profit, community-based organization provides a 24-hour crisis hotline, a safe shelter, and many more important support services to ensure the safety and comfort of the southwest.

A main draw of Fuel Good Day was a barbecue which was hosted at the company’s newest location, on South Service Road East, Swift Current.

The event raised a grand total of $10,015 for the cause, and Pioneer Co-op’s CEO Larry Kozun was present at the barbecue.  

“Our fuel litres were up,” stated Kozun. “Our members were looking at the importance of the donation, and who it was going to. We appreciate their support.”

Uli Cartman, the chair for Pioneer Co-op, was handing out smokies and dishing up potato salad.

“This is for the Southwest Crisis Services, and it’s something that’s dear to a lot of us," expressed Cartman. "We need to look after our people... The staff is very appreciative of what we’re doing here.” 

The barbecue brought many people out to enjoy a nice meal in the sun for a good cause.

“There are more people than I expected, " one of the patrons commented. "The smokies are delicious, the potato salad is good, and I haven’t gotten to the dessert yet, but it's a good event for a good cause, so I think it’s worth supporting it.”

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