The Town of Frontier has wrapped up its Community Farm project, and begun planning how to seed it's harvest profit in the community. 

The Community Farm is a yearly fundraiser, locally run by the Town of Frontier. It sees donated land grow a crop, which after harvest, is sold for profit. The money generated by the sale goes back into the community. 

Happy to report on this year's successful crop, is Payton Ham, community development officer for the Town of Frontier. 

"Each year we get it all sees, and the seed is donated, and everything is done completely by local volunteers," shared Ham.

This year, the group running the farm plot grew mustard. Harvesting of the crop was done by Rocky Mountain Equipment and Honey Bee Manufacturing. 

The plan for the money generated through these efforts is to put it towards the construction of a new kids' park. 

"Geared towards small children and that's inclusive and accessible for all," said Ham. 

The first year they completed this community initiative, the money was spent on a community hall. The following year, the drought meant they didn't see enough profit to do much of anything with the money. This year, they are happy to be back on track, ready to grow their community through the donated crop they planted together. 


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