Country made its way into the city as the Swift Current Ag & Ex hosted their seventh-annual Poultry and Exotic Animal Sale Saturday afternoon.

The sale which was hosted at the Stockade Building in Kinetic Park featured many different types of poultry, rabbits, sheep, calves, and alpacas.

m and have a fun family day. It was actually a steady stream of people all day. There was a lot of poultry walking out the door, and all the goats sold, so a lot of exhibitors were happy, and there were lots of smiling faces going in and out of here."

Stevenson said that the sale doesn't just give people a chance to check out the animals but also for farmers and ranchers to sell some of their animals.

"It gives them an opportunity to sell their stock, but it's also an awareness for them too," she said. "It's a networking opportunity for them. If somebody else wants something to add to their flock at the farm and then they know who to call."

Stevenson said that the goal of the event is to bring awareness about agriculture.

"We started this seven years ago as awareness of agricultural in the classroom, and promoting agricultural to our urban society and letting them know where their food comes from," she said. "A lot of city kids and even farm kids they sometimes think that milk comes from the grocery store, but it has to come from that cow first and then go the grocery store, so it's just an agricultural awareness and education."

Stevenson added that next up for them they will start planning for the eighth-annual sale, but first, they will host Frontier Days in two months.

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