RCMP has released more information from the Trans-Canada Highway incident by Mortlach. 

A total of five semi trucks were involved in today's events, in two separate yet close collisions. The first involved three semis getting stuck at the bottom of an icy hill. This lead to the initial road closure and call to the RCMP.

Around the time traffic was backing up to make room for clean up of the first collision, the fourth and fifth semis ended up colliding, further blocking traffic in the eastbound lanes of the #1 Highway. 

An individual from the second collision was taken to hospital with what RCMP described as non-life-threatening injuries. 

Carronport Fire Department helped respond to the incidents, along with individuals from the Department of Highways. 

RCMP is asking motorists to continue to use caution not only near the incidents, but all across the region as weather continues to batter the roadways.