Over the next four months, having a library card can get folks into any regional park across Saskatchewan--free of charge. 

The Saskatchewan Recreation and Parks Association (SPRA), Saskatchewan Regional Parks Association (SRPA) and the Saskatchewan Library Association (SLA) are partnering together once again for the Regional Park Pass Lending Program. 

According to the SLA, the program launched today with 1,200 park passes distributed across the province and will run until September 15.  

Katrina Irving, SRPA Executive Director, said in a media release they’re excited to welcome more people to Saskatchewan’s unique regional parks. 

“This program helps the SRPA fulfill its mission to provide exceptional and accessible recreational opportunities,” she added. 

Passes will be available for a seven-day loan on a first come first serve basis to anyone with a valid library card. 

Last year, as the pilot project, 800 passes were available in participating branches; due to its success, the program is available across all regional library branches, libraries in Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert, and university libraries in Saskatoon and Regina. 

The pass gives folks unlimited regional park access for one vehicle and its occupants throughout the loan period.  Park passes must be returned to the library they were borrowed from; unreturned or lost passes will incur a replacement charge of $50 and a library account freeze.

Anyone interested in participating is encouraged to reach out to their local library to check on availability, as passes have been distributed based on demand and the number of branches in each region.