As a new park opens in Swift Current a different one will be closing to allow for repairs. 

ACT Park located on 4th Avenue Northeast will be closed beginning today for a resurfacing project that was approved by Swift Current city council in mid-May

Working on the near $125,000 task is Saskatoon's Shercom Industries Inc.

"It's a capital project that we had planned to ensure the longevity of the park," Swift Current's General Manager of Community Services Nicole Spenst said. "Ensuring that the patrons of the park are safe while using the playground.

"We're at the point where the current one has deteriorated past the point of repair. We're re-installing it with a new rubberized surface."

The playground portion of ACT Park will be the only part off limits for the time being.

"It will be weather depended based on how the process goes," she said. "We would expect between two to three weeks that the playground itself will be back open." 

According to Spenst, the rubberized play surface being install has a life expectancy of 10 years. 

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