Gull Lake recently got a welcome increase in traffic, as the downtown was filled with people of all  ages for a community celebration.

The small town brought their last farmer’s market of the year to a new level last weekend, as they introduced the first ever Gull Lake Fall Fair. The fair boasted several old-school carnival games for kids to test their skills and win dozens of fun prizes, and was held in the Elks Hall and spilled out onto Proton Avenue.

Lindsay Alliban, Gull Lake’s economic development officer, says that the debut of  the event went off without a hitch.

“We’ve had five markets already this summer, but this is a nice way to end it as the fall season comes about. Luckily we had beautiful weather, lots of people and organizations that wanted to help out, and a great turnout.”

The funds raised by the fair went towards multiple causes, including helping the upcoming graduating class of Gull Lake gather money for a ceremony, as well as funding Gull Lake School’s travel club. 

The Swift Current chapter of Comrades Forever veterans motorcycle club hosted a barbecue outside the hall, which made a great contribution towards the local legion. The cookout garnered nearly 1000 dollars, and the money was presented by the chapter’s secretary and treasurer, Jason Loeppky, to the president of the Gull Lake Legion, Gordon Kozroski.

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