After some dreary weather, Silver Wings Access Van Inc. has set up a new date for their Dairy King fundraiser. 

Friday saw a chill permeate the air, with rain washing away any other bits of warmth. That's no weather for ice cream, and certainly, no weather to fundraise with ice cream. 

That's why today, Silver Wings Access Van Inc. will be returning to Dairy King for another shot at the remaining funds they need. 

The non-profit group has spent this summer generating generous donations from the people of Swift Current, all so they can purchase a new accessible transport van for members at The Meadows. 

With plenty of people contributing at venues like Market Square, Taillight Tuesdays, and various venues like Diary King, they have arrived at the doorstep of the $140,000 they need. 

Only $10,000 more, and they will have achieved their monumental task, and go about buying the van. 

The van itself will be equipped with a boarding ramp, room enough for four wheelchair users, and five additional seats for a driver and passengers. 

If you want to help them put the cherry on top of this campaign, head over to Dairy King tonight in Swift Current, and help them ensure the ability to freely travel for the seniors at The Meadows.


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