Tomorrow, it'll come down to man versus bull at the Rick Beinsch Memorial Bull Riding event. 

For the second year in a row, the memorial bull riding contest will pit riders and cattle in a contest of balance against muscle. 

This event is held in memory of Rick Biensch, a local farmer who was involved in the Sandhills Rodeo, which will begin the following day. While he himself was not a bull rider, his family believes that this event is something he would have loved and been honoured by. 

The Biensch family together, enjoying some quality time together. The Biensch family together, enjoying some quality time. 

Jenn Biensch, Rick's widow, is happy the rodeo committee has decided to continue to share his memory in this way. 

"I think when we lose someone we love, we just want them to be remembered," said Jenn. "It's nice that the community can do this in his memory and gather and have some laughs and some tears and just come together."

When the rodeo committee approached Jenn and her family with the idea, it offered her a way to experience some happiness when it seemed like there could be none. 

"It was just a nice way for us to honour his memory and bring some joy to an otherwise very difficult time of year," said Biensch. "And it's just something that he would have really loved."

Admission to the event is $10, with anyone seven and under able to get in for free. The actual bull riding itself will start at 6 p.m., with gates opening at 4 p.m. 

There will be both refreshments and food booths at the rodeo grounds, which are located six miles south of Lancer, or six miles West and three miles South of Abbey.