The Rick Biensch Memorial Rodeo saw a great turnout this year as the community honoured his memory together.

Bull riders from across the prairies and even into the United States came out to the Sandhills Rodeo grounds, trying to hold on for eight seconds of glory on some lean and mean bulls. 

Volunteer for both the Rick Biensch Memorial Bull Riding and the Sandhills Rodeo, Shayne Powell, was down in the arena helping get the chutes open and the bull riders ready. 

"We had more riders and more fans show up this year," said Powell. "It was really awesome."

With only one rider holding on for the full eight, the bulls proved tough competition today, throwing almost everyone into the dirt in the long round. By the short round, the qualifiers were all bucked off into the arena floor.  

"It was really nice to see bull riders make the eight seconds," said Powell. "Everybody's giving it their all, all the time."

Winning the big prize and the belt buckle last night in first place was Reid Musgrove. Second place went to Kahl Wasilo, and third was won by Lucas Odirney.

These riders came out in honour of Rick Beinsch, who died two years ago in a farming accident. 

"Rick has been around here for a long time," said Powell. "This is kind of a way to give back to the family that's given so much to the community for all these years."

While he may be gone, his memory remains alive and well in the Sandhills Rodeo community. Jenn Biensch and her children were present throughout the evening, laughing with people and sharing their favourite memories of their husband and father. 

She and the kids presented each winner with their prize money and prizes. 

"We're a small, very tight-knit community," said Powell. "Everybody knows everybody. To see everybody and new faces come out to support this is just an awesome sight to see."

Powell mentioned that the first ever sanctioned CCA Rodeo took place in the Sandhills Rodeo arena. He highlighted a sign above the concession that marked the year it opened. 

Anyone who would like to visit the Sandhills Rodeo has the chance to do so starting today, as it runs all weekend. Simply follow the signs south of Lancer, until you see the big red building they call the Saddledome. 

"It's straight south right off Highway 32," directed Powell. "There is signage all the way from Lancer."