SGI released their April Traffic Safety Spotlight yesterday, highlighting 316 roadside suspensions for exceeding the provincial limit for alcohol or drugs.

Southwest motorists are being reminded that driving impaired or recklessly is not worth the risk, not only could it cause harm or inquiry, the legal repercussions can be hefty.

Of the 316 suspensions, 126 were for alcohol, tested with the roadside breath test, and 190 were for drugs which is tested using oral fluid swabs.

In addition to the suspensions, April saw 170 individuals receive criminal code charges for impaired driving-related offences in Sask.

SGI noted that new drivers represented one-third of the suspensions given out in April yet only nine per cent of drivers in the province are new.

New drivers have a zero tolerance BAC, those exceed provincial limits will be handed a 60 day suspension, have their vehicle impounded for three days, and receive demerit points under the Driver's Safety Recognition program. 

The month of April also collected 573 tickets for distracted driving, 381 tickets for seatbelts and improper car seats, and 4, 203 tickets for aggressive driving and speeding offences.