People in Shaunavon demonstrated some strong charitable tendencies during the KidSport Hot Dog Sale yesterday. 

Taking place in Shawnee Hall in Shaunavon, KidSport has a host of volunteers grill, serve and accept donations from everyone who made it out for the frankfurter festivities. 

Helping to organize the event was both Lola Piquette, the president of the Shaunavon KidSport branch, and Jana Orr, treasury secretary for Shaunavon KidSport. 

"It was amazing," said Orr. "We had a fantastic turnout from the whole community. We more than doubled what we usually make at our hot dog sales."

In a given year, they typically will make between $1,500 and $2,000 off these sales. This year, however, Shauanvon managed to crank up the heat and purchased $3,400 worth of hot dogs. 

The local community really came together on this one, seeing a significant donation from Helping Hands in the amount of $500 and Leona's Baked Goods next door to the event donating for every donut sold during the duration of the hot dog sale. 

But the biggest contributor, outside the folks buying up the hot dogs, was Magnum Trucks Ltd.. Magnum celebrated 10 years in Shaunavon on the day of the sale and pledged a matching donation for the total amount raised by the sale. They made good on the promise, bringing the total to $6,800.

"A big thank you to them and a big congratulations on their 10th anniversary in Shaunavon," said Orr. 

KidSport, for those unfamiliar, pays the registration fees for kids looking to get involved in hockey, figure skating, baseball, football, and a plethora of other youth sports. 

"Pretty much every single dollar that is brought in goes directly towards kids' registration and sport," said Orr. "The greatest thing about our organization is that that money goes straight to local kids, and it doesn't go anywhere else." 

Orr extended a big thanks to everyone who came out for the sale, to the volunteers, and to everyone who continues to support KidSport year-round.