The Swift Current SPCA was well situated for this week's Taillight Tuesday.

The weekly car show saw a whole host of dogs coming out, as the car community seemed to all bring their furry friends out for the show n' shine. 

Joanne Shatkoski, the development officer for the Swift Current SPCA, thought it was amazing how many people stopped by to donate with their four-legged besties in tow. 

"It seemed like all the dogs congregated around us tonight," said Schatkoski. "Like they all knew to come to the SPCA booth."

Folks who donated were able to enter to win an Amazon Fire Tablet and enter the Rogue Cruisers 50/50. Both those draws will be made at the end of the month, with donators getting entered for every $10 they put in. 

The night was a busy one, which meant that the SPCA booth was constantly chatting with folks interested in its day-to-day operations. More often than not, a quick bit of insight into the expenses incurred by the SPCA, and a few words about what they need lead to generous contributions for the automotive enthusiasts at the show. 

"Every week, everybody here is amazing," said Schatkoski. "Week after week, they donate. For us it's trifold, as we get to raise money for the shelter, we get to bring awareness to the animals in need, and we get to promote our 50th Anniversary Gala."

More information will be coming out on the Anniversary Gala, but the shorthand details are it's set to be the biggest SPCA fundraiser of the year. It's also the first time the Gala will be Halloween-themed. 

Keep looking to Swift Current Online for the next story centred on the 50th Anniversary Gala.

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