The Standard Dodge Dealership in Siwft Current was showing their clientele the love with a customer appreciation barbecue on Saturday.

This event featured free hot dogs, chips, and drinks, along with a free pair of Mopar tumblers for anyone who came. Also in a lineup around the dining space was the dealership's premium retinue of vehicles. 

Running the show and handing out the refreshments was Standard Dodge General Manager, Landin Smith.

"We want to just reach out to the community to introduce some of the new faces that we have here," said Smith. "Give people an opportunity to see the vehicle line up that we have."

Some of the vehicles on arrangement for people to peek at were Jeep Wranglers, Rubicons, Gladiator Willys, and Wagoneers. They were joined by RAM 1500s Laramies, Big Horns, Sports, Longhorns, and a host of other makes and models in their used vehicle selection. 

"We have a few of the hybrid plug-in electric vehicles," included Smith. "If nobody's ever experienced that, this gives them an opportunity to come out and try the electric vehicles." 

Those hybrid electrics contain what Smith describes as the best of both worlds. You get the low-cost town cruising capability of the electric motors, with 40 kilometres of range. Then, for long distances, you get the reliability of a gas engine to get you where you need to go. 

"Everything in the automotive industry and even the government too, pushes electric vehicles," said Smith. "Dodge is taking the initiative to cater to those that are north of the 49th parallel in Canada." 

All said and done, they managed to move around 300 hot dogs into the hands of the public at zero cost to the consumer. This event introduced their employees to people that, maybe when the time comes, they can help find their next vehicle.