Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe posted a video on social media site ‘X’, announcing the education budget for 2024-2025. 

He explained the move to make the announcement before budget day as an answer to the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation’s (STF) questioning of the government’s commitments to funding for classroom size and complexity. 

“The 2024-25 provincial budget will include the largest increase in school operating funding ever in Saskatchewan’s history. That will be $180 million of increased funding, up nearly 9 per cent to $2.2 billion.” 

“This increase will include over $356 million that is specifically allocated to classroom supports. An increase of over $45 million or about 15 per cent, since last year.” 

While he asked at the end of the video for a pause in job action and a return to the classroom and bargaining table, the STF released a statement last night saying that they would not return to the table at this time.  

The STF stated “This is not bargaining at the table, and it is not an irrevocable commitment in contract.” 

“If government is truly committed to this funding and improving students’ learning conditions, they will put it in the collective agreement.” 

Samantha Becotte, STF president, has previously stated that they’re looking for the Government-Trustee Bargaining Committee to have a renewed mandate to include articles related to classroom complexity within the collective bargaining agreement before they return to the table.