The Swift Current Airport is getting ready to light things up with some new hardware.

After receiving $13,000 in funding from the Ministry of Highways Community Airport Partnership Fund, this money has been designated for 'Airport Electrical'. What that means is airfield signage upgrades, bringing in new LED backlit fixtures.

This project began a few years ago, and with the new funding will be able to wrap up this summer. 

Todd Schultz, airport superintendent for the City of Swift Current, is thrilled to get this update implemented.

"The old legacy fixtures were 30 to 40 years old," said Schultz. "Components were beginning to become difficult to source, particularly replacement bulbs. The modern fixtures are expected to be much more reliable and energy efficient."

This money is part of a $889,000 pool of money that is going to benefit 12 community airports. 

Some of the other airports benefitting from this are the City of Moose Jaw, which is getting $120,000 for Apron II and Taxiway C engineering and earthworks, and the Town of Leader, which is getting crack and sealing repairs done with the $30,570 it has received. 

The money comes from the Ministry of Highways as the airports fall under its purview of managing transportation. 

"There's a saying in the industry," shared Schultz. "One mile of Highway takes you one mile. One mile of runway can connect you to the rest of the world."

Some of the materials have already arrived at Swift Current Airport. Schultz and his staff will be meeting with a local electrician company to get the plans for the work finalized and completed.  

Once completed, Schultz says that other maintenance work will take place as needed, as is normal during the course of the year.

The maintenance of the airport benefits the business groups that fly into Swift Current, local air traffic, as well as groups like the Swift Current Drag Racing Association.