Halloween is set to take over Swift Current tonight, with plenty of boys and girls looking to score tricks and treats.

Wherever you look, you are sure to find kids dressed up in a wide spectrum of costumes. Different styles, different ages, different interpretations, all of them unique and special in their way. 

Some kids like Liam, age 7, have got it all figured out. He is looking to be dressed up like an alien, as he sees strong benefits to the extra-terrestrial lifestyle. 

"Because I could have a rocket ship," said Liam. "My favourite candies are rockets, Kit Kats, bubblegum, and lollipops."

It won't just be the younger kids running around. Owen Pickering, a defenceman for the Swift Current Broncos, has been dressing up for Halloween for years, even if he is getting a little older. 

"I might go as Donald Duck [this year]," said Pickering. "Last year I went as a T-Rex."

If anyone has a costume they would like to show off, or if they would like to submit a family member or friend, send a photo along with their name and the title of their costume to news@swiftcurrentonline.com.


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