A Swift Current classic rock band celebrating a decade together has begun pumping out their own tunes recently.

Tombstone Whiskey is working on its first-ever EP and has already released three songs that will be a part of the mini album.

Frontman Darrin Schwartz and drummer Mike Zacharias kickstarted the group in 2013.

"We played a bunch of times at the Lyric [Theatre] and it started on a whim," Schwartz recalled. "We just decided to start jamming and now we're getting into recording and trying to get our music out there for everybody to listen to."

About five or six years ago the band welcomed Brad Podolski who knew how to play guitar but made the transition to a bass.

"They needed a bass player, they needed someone to do the bottom dwellings, so I joined in with these guys," Podolski told Eagle 94.1. "It's probably the best five years I've been playing with these guys since."

Rounding out the band and their newest member is guitarist Kevin Steinley who joined Tombstone Whiskey a few months ago.

Since then, the band has been pouring in countless hours together recording tunes in their jam studio.

"I do all the mixing and producing myself," Schwartz said. "These guys obviously help and give me ideas for everything. I love doing it. It is a lot of work, but it is worth it."

Schwartz, who was born and raised in Swift Current, has been writing music since 1999. He attributed the lyrics in their three singles "Devil All the Time", "Weathering the Storm", and "Blackheart" to personal life experiences.

"I had some demons I battled, and I fought through them, and a lot of the lyrics come from that," he said. "It's very relatable to people that have other issues and I think it could help a lot of people too." 

Tombstone Whiskey is currently working on a fourth track to complete their EP which is expected to be released shortly. 

Anyone interested in learning more about the Swift Current rockers can find them on YouTube or on Facebook.


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