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As we reported yesterday, the first mosquito pool positive for West Nile Virus, was discovered near Maple Creek.

The positive sample was discovered on July 17th.

Medical Health Officer for the Cypress Health Region, Doctor Khami Chokani, says his team discovered the general mosquito population is down, while West Nile mosquitoes are up.

Doctor Chokani says the initial moisture this spring helped hatch Culex Tarsalis eggs, which can lie dormant for up to seven years. He adds the recent hot, dry weather is also ideal for their development.

Only a small percentage of those bitten by the Curlex Tarsalis mosquitoes will experience flu-like symptoms.

As of yet, there are no confirmed human cases of West Nile.

Doctor Chokani reminds Southwest residents to wear long, loose-fitting clothing and to apply deet with your sunscreen.