UPDATE 2 - 9:50 p.m.:

As of 9:36 p.m., the city has restored water flow to the affected homes.

Notices have been delivered to affected homes by the city at their doors. 

The City of Swift Current thanks residents for their patience in this matter and applauds the swift actions of the crews who resolved this issue within a single afternoon.


UPDATE 1 - 7:30 p.m.:

It is expected that water will return to the affected residents' homes within the next two hours. Homes that did not notice any loss of water will not be affected whatsoever. 

Residents of the area that did lose water service will be given door notices reminding them about a boil water advisory that will take effect until further notice.



A watermain has burst in Swift Current, flooding City Hall with emergency calls. 

The City of Swift Current is currently working to assess the damages, and towards repairs. 

No other information has been published by the City at this time. 

Anyone in the area is advised to boil their water before use in cooking and to preferably use bottled water for consumption.