An annual opportunity for local high school students to showcase their art in a gallery setting has rolled around again, thanks to the Art Gallery of Swift Current.

Over 100 students from grades nine through 12 submitted original art for this year's High School Art Show, on display at the West Wing Gallery from May 3 through June 9, with a public reception on May 14. 

Mandy Herrick, Visual Art 30 teacher at the Swift Current Comprehensive High School, believes the exhibition is a great stepping stone for her students. 

"Especially for students who aren't seeing themselves as artists," she said. "To add that identity to themselves, that they are artists, I think that being in an art show does that for them. And once you're an artist one time, you're an artist for the rest of your life, so we're locking it in."

Tuesday's event gets underway at 5 p.m. with snacks and drinks, and students will attend to show off their hard work and connect with community members, friends, and family.