Get ready Swift Current, city council is getting ready to implement a combined water and wastewater rate increase.

Presented this week at Swift Current city council, the notice was given to amend the rates in Section "C" - Schedule "A" of Bylaw No. 176 -2001. In plain English, it means that the Water and Wastewater rates will be increasing. 

What is special is that it will be a touch more than the annual increase of 2 per cent that the City has implemented since 2017. This year, to account for additional cost pressures, another 1 per cent will be added to the rate increase. This additional 1 per cent is what is being introduced and discussed at city council, having passed its first reading.

Presenting this matter to Swift Current city council was Greg Parsons, general manager of infrastructure for the City of Swift Current. 

"During the preparation of the 2024 Municipal Budget, it was determined that the current combined water and wastewater rates for 2024 would not be adequate to generate the amount of revenue required to support infrastructure improvements and operating cost increases in 2024 and into the future," said Parsons. "As a result, an additional increase of 1.0 per cent for all combined water and wastewater rates is being recommended to offset the budgeted expenses and capital investments for the 2024 fiscal year."

The planned implementation of this additional 1 per cent is for February 1, 2024.