Elmwood Golf Club's head teaching professional added another award to his mantle earlier this year.

Jeff Chambers was honoured with a Top 50 Coach Award by Operation 36 Golf while in Florida in January.

In the southwest, the five-time PGA of Saskatchewan Coach of the Year implemented the Op 36 golf development technology three years ago.

"There are over 2,800 pros that run the program worldwide," he said. "To get into the top 50 was a pretty special moment... I managed to have a couple of my players there with me to be able to watch me get up on stage."

The participation numbers Chambers drew in last year to the golfing tool spiked, which he credited as the reason for obtaining the award.

"The interaction that we have in the southwest, it's very popular," he said. "We had 87 ladies join, which was only our second year in operation we've done it. In the juniors, we had close to 40 in it. We filled up the golf course and filled up the lesson tee with it."