Get ready to move those vehicles; it's time to make way for the street sweepers as they return to Swift Current. 

Street sweeping will be beginning on May 3, pending the weather allows it. After all, it's pretty hard to sweep in the rain. 

While dusty old cow towns are a hallmark of the southwest, the City of Swift Current has elected to get things underway for cleaning up the dust left over after the spring snowmelt. 

Mitch Minken, the general manager of infrastructure for the City of Swift Current, is encouraging people to make sure that when the time comes, they have their cars out of the way. 

"When your area is up, please, if you can, get your vehicle off the street so we can do a really good job," asked Minken. 

Folks can find out when they need to have their automobiles in alternative arrangements by checking the City's website

Street Sweeping schedule More information is available on the City of Swift Current website. 

Anyone who leaves their car out will, of course, prevent the street sweepers from gathering up all the dust and debris under the vehicle. While some municipalities will have unmoved cars towed, Swift Current is a bit kinder than that and just has the sweepers go around. 

First up for the sweep is the downtown. The core of Swift Current is in no short supply of dirt and dust that could be swept up, with crews planning to do it out of sight and out of mind.

"We do the downtown on Fridays," shared Minken. "We're out every Friday morning, and we're out early before any of the businesses open or any traffic arrives downtown."

In fact, cleaning began downtown last week, with the plan set to continue doing weekly sweeps every Friday. 

Residential operations will be conducted during the daytime, with signs being posted and regular updates coming out on social media channels to let people know when and where they will be exactly. 

The plan is to be done by May 24, with delays from weather withstanding. 

street sweeping map zonesZone map courtesy of the City