The Small town of Eastend has come together and won the Provincial Communities in Bloom Award for its population category, putting a spotlight on the community’s attention and devotion to its environment. 

Communities in Bloom is a provincial and national program that evaluates participating locations on various aspects of community ecology, including community appearance, environmental action, heritage, conservation, and tree management, along with landscape, plant, and floral displays. This program has brought about a remarkable transformation to Eastend, driven by the dedication of its residents and their commitment to community betterment. 

Rosa Vasquez, the tourism and economic development officer for the town of Eastend, has had a big part in its organization. 

“We believe that regional cooperation is very important,” stated Vasquez. “This year our regional landfill won the Environmental Action Award, and it shows the importance of regional cooperation and what communities can achieve by working together.” 

The town has been involved in the Communities in Bloom program on multiple occasions. This is the third time that they went for the provincial community in bloom, the previous years being 2017 and 2018. Rosa believes the town has come a long way from its conception in 2013. 

“It was our previous mayor. He thought it would boost community spirit, it would showcase our community and attract another group of people who like that. Communities in Bloom is a big program. It will bring awareness to your town, and it will also boost community spirit.” 

The committee has also embarked on a tree replacement initiative, working with the town to implement a tree policy and establish a nursery. Trees are nurtured for several years in the nursery before being transplanted to various areas. 

“We're thankful for the judges and Communities in Bloom for recognizing our town. It's our great volunteers who make all these awards possible, working together with our elected officials and our town crew.” 

They received special mention for their outstanding tree management and natural tree nursery, the Environmental Action Award for their regional landfill efforts, and first place in the photo contest. The town even had the opportunity to showcase the talents of two local artists who created a mural. 

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