The Southwest Facility Foundation (SWFF) has almost reached $1 million in community funding thanks to a recent contribution from Ken and Christine Newton.

The pair of retired southwest farmers added $25,000 to the fundraising efforts for a new recreational facility in the city.

Vice president of the organization, Travis Cuthbert, is excited to witness such strong support from the agriculture community.

“They have very much used all the facilities that we've had over the years and were excited to get this project rolling,” he said.

The Newtons have farmed south of Swift Current for several years, raising their kids in the city and now even have grandchildren in the area.

While substantial donations make a big dent in the goal to raise $8 million through community efforts, Cuthbert added that any amount is appreciated and accepted.

“We're trying to prove to the province and the federal government that Swift Current is in need of these new facilities ... anytime we can show that there's a bunch of community citizens and businesses alike that are prepared to put some money behind this project, that makes it look a little more attractive in adjudicating a grant.”

Donations can be made in any amount to the SWFF, or individuals can stop into any Swift Current Tim Horton's and purchase a Smile Cookie.

The City of Swift Current continues to leverage and lobby all levels of government for their assistance and support of future projects and apply for any applicable funding and grants.