Maple Creek hosted the Provincial High School Rodeo Finals over the weekend, bringing out athletes from across the province to prove their mettle in the dirt. 

Maple Creek is notorious for its long history in rodeo, and a fitting location to host the next generation of rodeo superstars in the southwest. With about 200 competitors, the western tradition brought in a crowd of spectators to cheer on the athletes. 

Donna Beierbach and her husband made up the host committee for the provincial event. 

(Photo by Hayden Michaels)

"There were the highest of highs and the lowest of lows,” expressed Beierbach. “There's always a lot of hearts breaking in that arena when they're trying so hard. I love that about high school competition. It's not like watching pro level athletes in the fact that there are raw emotions, the jitters with the finals. Kids put so much pressure on themselves and things go good for some and not so good for others.” 

Beierbach estimated a total draw of about 500 people visiting the town over the weekend, bringing welcome tourism to the cattle country town. Several local athletes were recognized with prizes, after many hometown heroes found first place finishes. 

“I just would like to thank all the parent volunteers that show up and fill in for all the odd jobs and to keep it all moving smoothly,” stated Beierbach. “Some of those kids, that will be like the biggest thing that happens to them. You know, ‘here's the buckle’.” 

Here are some of the overall awards: 

Rookie of the Year - Junior Girls, Big Loop Ranch , Kyla Kernaleguen,  

Rookie of the Year - Junior Boys, Sandhills Insurance , Lucas Weichel,  

All Around Junior Cowgirl, South Country equipment, Lexi Cote,  

Reserve All Around Junior Cowgirl, SHSRA, Sunshine Toews,  

All Around Junior Cowboy, RM of Chaplin, Mason Douglas,  

Reserve All Around Junior Cowboy, New Era Ag , Ayden Warren,  

Junior Girls Horse of the Year, SHSRA , STELLA - PAISLEY CORNWALL,  

Junior Boys Horse of the Year , SHSRA, TONTO - DENYM MCPHEE, 

The full list of winners and events can be viewed here