The Hunter Brothers have just produced a locally shot music video to accompany their reworking of a 2019 single entitled Train (Station Edition)

The band was able to shoot the video over two days, spending time in Swift Current and Eastend, where they had access to a 1940s Canadian National locomotive.  

Ty Hunter was excited for the release, particularly to enjoy his brother’s acting. 

“That is for sure my favorite music video to date; it was so fun,” stated Hunter. “I convinced Luke and his wife, Lindsay, to be the main actors in the role, and they did a very good job of it. As a brother, I feel like I can shamelessly say that. It's all set in the 1940s and it's just a nod to a different period but done in a modern way.” 

Hunter was happy to do another creative shoot, as the band has done many videos to help bring a story to their music. 

“It was really fun; lots of locations, lots of set changes, and we wanted to do something that was a little more cinematic,” Hunter expressed. 

Local film company Irwin Films recorded and produced this music video for the Hunter Brothers, along with several others in the past, including the notable Burning Down the Barn video, which is sitting at over a quarter million views on YouTube right now. 

"Our videographer actually is from Swift Current, Adler Irwin of Irwin films,” Hunter said. “Him and I have developed a really fun creative friendship, and with every music video, we're like, ‘Well, what can we do with this one?’ It went from being on top of farming implements, to burning a barn down, to a cinematic experience in the 1940s. We like to challenge ourselves and do different things, so this is a lot of fun.”