The Soapbox races in Swift Current occupied Father’s Day and a section of Central Avenue North, bringing speed and fun to many young racers. 

Kids from ages seven to fifteen hurtled through downtown Swift Current on Sunday, reaching speeds up to 30 mph, with only three degrees of steering to guide them. 

Georgia Graham, a volunteer with the Swift Current Soapbox Racing Association said that despite periods of rain, the competitors were undaunted. 

“It went really well, we were able to get all the races complete throughout the day a little bit quicker than we would have usually run them just because we were trying to beat that rainstorm,” stated Graham. “We did have about an hour delay before we could run the final races... It was a really good day, and all the kids were happy and enjoyed their race time.” 

Puddles and wet spots were cleared by a crew using blowers and a skid steer. Puddles and wet spots were cleared by a crew using blowers and a skid steer. 

A favourite part of the races is always the police at the finish line, using radar guns and handing out speeding ‘tickets’, informing the kids of their top speeds. Because the annual event falls on Father’s Day, it makes a fine culmination of father and child quality time in preparing their racecars. 

“It's a really good opportunity for kids to bond with not only other kids, but to bond with their dads,” Graham explained. “They get to work on the car with their dad, they get to paint it, pick the decals, they can dress up and pick a different name, and then they get to just spend that whole time with their dad.” 

This year’s winners are as follows: 

Senior A 1st Place- Shane, #47 

Senior A 2nd Place- Halyn, #6 

Senior B 1st Place- Noah, #22 

Senior B 2nd Place- Kalyia, #28 

Junior A 1st Place- Matthew, #43 

Junior A 2nd Place- Braxton, #16 

Junior B 1st Place- Ashton, #49 

Junior B 2nd Place- Claire, #251