A Gull Lake-based project has been recognized for its ingenuity and awarded because of it. 

The Gull Lake and Rural Regional Alliance, which involves both the RM and Town of Gull Lake, the RM of Webb, and the RM of Carmichael, received the Marketing Innovation Award from the Saskatchewan Economic Development Alliance. 

Specifically, the project that landed them this accolade was the Invest Gull Lake website. A portal that argues the advantageous position of the area, being located not only on the Trans-Canada Highway but also along a major railway line operated by CPKC. 

Lindsay Alliban, economic development officer for the Town of Gull Lake, was glad to accept this award that validates their efforts and props up the strength of the idea behind the website. 

"It's actually pretty exceptional that we won it," said Alliban. "It does seem like a small piece of what we're trying to do, but when you start to talk to other municipalities and communities who aren't working collaboratively and coming up with new ways to draw people to their area, it really puts into perspective how much work we've done."

By combining their strengths, they are able to present a greater picture to potential parties. This helps to entice business owners, families, and other interested people to the community, prompting both economic and population growth for the region. 

''I'm hopeful that it keeps our momentum going, that people understand that it's important and that we should keep investing in trying to promote the region," said Alliban. "We do lots of interesting things, and we have lots of interesting conversations with other organizations provincially."

Alliban and others from the Gull Lake and Rural Regional Alliance are open to discussing their success in this online venture with other communities and hope to see others follow the trail they have blazed.

"Hopefully this award gives us that recognition and shows that we do quality work," said Alliban. "We have a quality plan and people can trust in that."