Living on the prairies means many of our loved ones are out working in the fields, no matter the weather or working conditions. Whether they’re out harvesting or working on the rigs, you take comfort in knowing they’re protected, so they can come home safely every day. 

And thanks to the incredible service from MacMor Industries in Swift Current, you can worry a little less each day.  

“Our number one goal is to make sure everybody gets home safe,” says Branch Manager, Nadine Thierman.  

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Nadine has been with MacMor since their start in the city 15 years ago. Over that time, she’s met countless trades workers, families, and businesses owners, making sure they get what they need to stay protected at work.  

“It’s been an excellent place to work,” says Nadine. “They work for the employee, teaching us as we go, so we can help our customers as much as possible. I really, really like coming to work each day.”  

“And if you’re unsure of exactly what you need,” she continues, “all of my staff members are well-educated and can help you find the right product for the job. We want you to leave happy and offer you the best customer service we can.” 


There are obvious dangers in these jobs, but there are some that can take workers by surprise. Something as innocent as the air you’re breathing can pose a great risk, which is why MacMor has a variety of reusable respirators in stock to protect against things like hantavirus, farm chemical exposure, and potential smoke and dust.  

MacMor also sponsors a program through the Great Plains College to educate and equip students as they enter the workforce.  

“We sponsor the Carharts and Caviar program, which allows students to come to us and get the gear they need to go to work,” she says.  


For Nadine and MacMor, the most important thing at the end of the day is supporting the community and keeping families together, and being a trusted business that workers can rely on to keep them protected. 

Whether you’re heading to work for the first time, or are an experienced tradesperson needing a gear refresh, MacMor is the place to go. 

For all your safety needs, they’ve got you protected – PPE, hard hats, impact resistant gloves, coveralls, respirators, safety harnesses, first aid. 

Check them out at 405 North Service Road West. 

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