This year's Frontier Days Ambassador is a bonafide cowgirl from Gravelbourg.

Chloe Malbeuf is the 2024 Frontier Days Youth Ambassador, which means she will be at plenty of events this weekend, waving to the crowd and talking about agriculture and Western culture with everyone she meets. 

Chloe Malbeuf, the 2024 Frontier Days Youth Ambassador.Chloe Malbeuf, the 2024 Frontier Days Youth Ambassador.

"I have to promote agriculture and my love for Frontier Days!" said Malbeuf. "As well as promote what it is and hope that we get more people in the future to grow Frontier Days as much as we can."

She does that by engaging with the community, and discussing how Frontier Days helps to preserve Western culture while welcoming those from outside that heritage to share in it and enjoy its fun and atmosphere. 

Malbeuf herself has a small herd of cattle that she recently started. With two calves and a year-old cow, she is ready to deep dive into cattle life. 

Outside of raising her cows, Malbeuf is planning to attend the University of Regina to get a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. 

"I hope to work in correctional facilities with youth and young adults," said Malbeuf. 

Joining Malbeuf at most everything she attends will be Madison Biem, director of youth initiatives for the City of Swift Current. She handles Malbeuf's social media and directs her through interactions.

Madison Biem, director of youth initiatives for the City of Swift Current.Madison Biem, director of youth initiatives for the City of Swift Current.

"We really want Swift Current to see a youth representative in the Ag n' Ex because I think a lot of times people think about the Ag n' Ex as old guys and old ladies and things like that," said Biem. "So we want to show that being a part of the Ag n' Ex, and the agriculture industry, is for everyone! No matter what age you are."

The benefit of being the Frontier Days Youth Ambassador is the experience of representing an organization, while also learning how to be in the spotlight. Ambassadors typically learn how to not only conduct themselves in the public lens but also learn how to leverage connections they build, helping open doors for them in the future.