Radon is a known carcinogen, and according to The Canadian Cancer Society, is the second most frequent cause of lung cancer after tobacco smoke.

A group of Saskatchewan and Prairie Researchers are launching the Evict Radon Research Campaign to help educate people about the effects of radon gas, and encourage as many Saskatchewan residents as possible to test their homes.

Doctor Aaron Goodarzi is the Research Lead for The Evict Radon Study. He says radon is a significant issue in Saskatchewan, with one in three homes containing dangerous amounts of the cancer-causing gas.

"We're asking for as many people in Saskatchewan as possible to sign up for the study and purchase one of the research grade non-profit kits so that we can understand, not just the radon levels, but most important we ask people to fill out our Home Metric Survey. And by understanding the relationship between radon and the houses we will be able to figure out which houses, design wise,have the highest."

Sign up for a Radon Kit and learn more about the program at evictradon.org