Residents of southern Saskatchewan have been treated to some amazing views of the northern lights this winter.

Riverview Collegiate Teacher and science enthusiast James Irving credits the spectacle to an increase in the sun's activity as we approach solar maximum in 2025. The intensity is expected to continue in the upcoming year.

He says for the best view, you'll need to get outside of the city.

"We have a lot of light pollution, obviously. Really to get a good picture of the northern lights you almost have to get north of Saskatoon to really get the full effect. We've been kind of lucky and the northern lights have been visible south of Saskatoon. If you go north of Saskatoon and into the Canadian Arctic, that's where you're getting your best views."

Northern LightsPhoto courtesy Arianna Wetaski

Irving says with everyone having a phone in their pocket, the result has been some amazing photos.

"Our phones now have such great cameras that just with a regular cell phone, if you're away from light pollution and away from urban areas and you're in a dark setting, you'll be just fine, you'll get a good snapshot of it for sure."

There are several apps and websites that will notify you when the best views are taking place. One that Irving highlighted was an iPhone app called My Aurora Forecast and Alerts.

The full interview with James Irving can be heard below: